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"Ivanov Automati", LLC proposes an automated control system (ACS) for manufacture of metal roofing: for coil coating lines or plants, and for metal forming lines or plants. The proposed system decides the tasks of process control automation (APCS) and automation tasks of management and accounting by the enterprise, performs the functions of ERP, MES and PDM systems. It can be implemented on the stages of construction or reconstruction plant, and on already functioning plant.

Functions of ACS for manufacture of metal roofing:

- Automatic intelligent management of all mobile and transport mechanisms rolling mills, automated setting machines etc. This feature helps to reduce the time spent on production. Possible to switch to manual control transport processes, in emergency mode;

- Automation of pickle line, with automated control of stitcher, side trimmer, shear;

- Automation of cold mill line (cold reversing mill, CRM), with monitoring of thickness;

- Automation of metal coating line, with automated control of welder, furnace, coating pot, surface condition mill (SCM), and with process automation of chemical treatment and resin coating;

- Automation of paint line, with process automation of chemical coating, prime and finish coating;

- Automation of cutting and pressing (embossing or stamping);

- Automation of panel pointing by using granulated-material;

- Monitoring the technical condition of moving mechanisms, with forecasting of faults (NEW!);

- Monitoring the loaded time of equipment and scheduling repair of equipment;

- Scheduling calibration and verification of measuring instruments;

- Possible distribution of system access modes: operator, technologist or manager;

- Automated recording of user actions: the operator or technologist and monitoring the effeciency of the shifts;

- Monitoring of materials balance (metal coils, coating, paint);

- Automated accounting costs of raw materials;

- Automated accounting costs of energy resources (electricity, water);

- Analysis of cost per unit of output (panel);

- Storage of data about each batch of panels and laboratory reports;

- Automated accounting of procurement of materials by suppliers;

- Automated accounting of the number of shipped production;

- Remote monitoring of the process over the Internet.

ACS is supplied as automation control panels. The number of automation control panels depends on the size and complexity of production. The structure of each automation control panel include: computer with licensed software (OS Windows, SADA); programmable logic controller (PLC); signal converters; buttons and indicators; low-voltage automation devices.

The proposed system include remote consultation for configuring the system. The cost of remote consultation is included in the cost of ACS.

Price of ACS: from 6 000 USD.

Delivery time of ACS: from 4 weeks.

We also supply power cabinets, robots, NC machines for manufacture of metal roofing.

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